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Verdicts & Settlements

  • $156 million class action verdict on behalf of doctors defrauded by an insurance company.

  • $40 million recovered in a class action lawsuit for individuals financially defrauded by a major corporation

  • $30 million verdict for the parents of an infant who suffered damage due to hospital negligence.

  • $18 million recovered against a commuter rail service for victims who were injured and lost loved ones in a railroad disaster caused by negligent commuter line train operations.

  • $16 million verdict for corporation which was the victim of theft of their trade secrets.

  • $13 million recovered against a commuter rail service for victims who were injured and lost loved ones in a railroad disaster caused by a deranged felon who left a Jeep on the tracks and was later convicted of eleven counts of first degree murder and one count of arson.

  • $12 million verdict for a paraparetic victim of a truck vs. train collision where there were no lost wages and the plaintiff could walk with the assistance of a walker.

  • $12 million recovered in a class action lawsuit on behalf of pharmacists who were denied overtime pay by a major healthcare provider.

  • $12 million recovered in a products liability action for the wrongful death of middle-aged spouses due to defective recreational vehicle design.

  • $10 million verdict for an injured construction worker who fractured his hip due to the negligence of a general contractor.

  • More Jury Verdicts
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Aviation Accidents

California and National Aviation Accident Litigation

Reconstructing a helicopter or plane crash to determine the cause of an accident is an incredibly difficult and painstaking process. In cases involving helicopters or small, fixed-wing aircraft, the process often takes several months and sometimes longer. After a major airline disaster, the process may take years. During this time, victims and families need experienced legal representation to protect their interests.

Ringler Law Corporation is a Los Angeles-based law firm with an extensive record of trial success in catastrophic injury and wrongful death litigation on behalf of clients throughout California and nationwide. The firm is also very selective about both the kind and number of cases it accepts — choosing instead to place greater emphasis on preparation and on maximizing the value of each individual case.

In aviation accident cases, we fully investigate every potential source of recovery and all possible causes, including pilot error, air traffic controller error, mechanical failures resulting from improper maintenance and mechanical failures caused by defective aircraft components.

Ringler Law Corporation' aviation litigation practice is staffed by accomplished trial attorneys with experience in cases that range from crashes involving small private aircraft to aviation accidents involving both major domestic and international airlines. Our unique understanding of the special issues involved in aviation accidents and the complete access every Ringler Law Corporation client has to our vast resources combines to set our practice apart. Our firm has extensive and unique experience in not only litigating small private aircraft tragedies, but major commercial airline disasters as well. Partner Jerome Ringler has experience in litigating large commercial aviation matters and indeed has litigated aviation disasters not only involving large commercial carriers, but those involving small, fixed-wing aircraft disasters as well.

Our lawyers only represent plaintiffs and only do so on a contingency fee basis — meaning that compensation occurs only after money is recovered in the case, as regulated by law.

Call our Los Angeles offices directly at 805-719-4903 or contact the firm online.

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